Sirdar Knitting Yarns :

Snuggly (whole range), Supersoft Baby DK 100gms, Supersoft Baby Aran 100gms,  Spree, Luxury Soft  Cotton,  Wow!,  Calypso 4-ply, (white only), Silky Look,   Snowflake DK, Snowflake Chunky,  Country Style DK, (now in 100gm balls),  Ultra Denim, Wash & Wear Crepe DK 100gms, Wash & Wear 4-ply 100gms, Bigga, Yo-Yo, Foxy, Funky Fur and Funky Fur Magic, Duet,  New Fizz, Frenzy, (limited), Tufty, (limited), Town & Country Sock Yarn, ,Blur, Click, Foxy, Illusion, Denim DK,  Denim Sport, Denim Chunky, Just Bamboo

Sirdar Bonus:

 Baby DK, DK, Flash,  4-ply, Baby 4-ply, Aran with Wool (400 gms) & Chunky

Cygnet Yarns

Seriously Chunky, Lakeland Chunky, Wool Rich Aran, Wool Rich Chunky, Sock Yarn,


Freedom Pure Wool and Freedom Spirit DK

Stylecraft Yarns:

Wondersoft Baby DK, 4-ply, 3-ply, & 2-ply,  Pure Wool DK,  Special DK, Aran & Chunky,  Harvest 4-ply, Harvest DK , Pure Wool Aran  Eskimo,  Special 4-ply, Kontiki

Elle Yarns

 Chunky, Pure Gold DK, Pure Gold 4-ply, Pure Gold Aran, Pure Gold baby 4-ply, Sock Wool, Cotton Fields DK & 4-ply,   Crochet DK & No 5, (for crochet or knitting!) Lussuria, Sensual, Plume, Baby Favourites, Family Favourites DK & 4-ply,Velluto (limited colours), Rustica DK


Matchmaker 4-ply, Baby Pure Wool 4-ply, Baby Pure Wool Dk

 Bretts Yarns

Baby Shimmer 4-ply, Baby DK & Fancies, Top Value DK, Chunky, Aran 400 with wool, Baby Aran, Marble, Rio, Marble Chunky, Vixen, Harmony Baby DK



 Pampas, Pampas Prints, Supreme Cotton DK & 4-ply, Velvet Touch, Shimmer, Chic, Fusion, Chameleon, Mistral, Narvik

Debbie Bliss Yarns

Merino Double Knit,  Baby  Cashmerino, Cashmerino DK, Cashmerino Astrakhan, Cathay

Katia Yarns

Austral (50/50 wool acrylic DK,)  Espiga, Capri, Arc en Ciel,  all limited colours left


Cheope, Spice, Chance, Rafia, Spillo chunky, Biglia cotton, Carezza, Floris, Swing, Tender, Genziana 4-ply, Quartzo


Celtic Pure Wool Aran, Drift, Breeze, Buzz, Blockbusters DK & Chunky

Patons yarns

Fab DK,  Fab DK Splash,  Cotton DK, Cotton 4-ply,  Regia Sock Wool, Washed Haze DK and Aran, Fairytale DK & 4-ply, Baby Wool 3-ply & 2-ply, Symphony, Spirit, Art, Dreamtime, Misty, Orient, Lyric Cotton 4-ply and DK

and other yarns I have forgotten to add!!

To accompany these, we have a very full range of knitting needles, up to 25mm, and Crochet hooks up to 20mm!